Passionate About Inspiring Others



After going through a path-altering injury back in 2018, I experienced a kind of death in identity which lead me to a conscious awakening deep with layers, those that I am still peeling back. I discovered an entirely new world of integration, love and kindness. Yoga was the catalyst to this awakening— it was my sacred healing space. The yoga studio was the place I found deep self love, empowerment, and feel-good stretching. This was before I learned yoga could live anywhere, on and off my mat (and all places in between).


As I continued to understand these deeper connections, I felt called to step into fitness training and yoga, for myself and others. I believe that optimal fitness is achieved by unifying the mind and body to create a safe home and temple. Working on the physical body is a complete gift, the work we put in is an offering to us. 


I’m grateful to now be able to share my knowledge and present an integrated approach that can take your fitness training to another level. To me, yoga is all about calming and centering the nervous system. And fitness training is about breaking barriers and creating new relationships with health. By combining a yoga practice with deep breathing, strength training, and healthy eating, your self mastery will naturally expand. I’ll work with you to integrate these philosophies, breath techniques, and body awareness to take your fitness routines to new heights.

My journey started in competitive gymnastics, where I was able to explore both my power and my limits. After 16 years of practice, I knew how to flip and tumble, but I did not know how to open myself to the unconditional love needed to create a more abundant connection between my body, mind, and spirit.


  • 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training 

  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer (coming soon) 

  • 20 Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training